4 Very Cool VoIP Products

Written by shannon on August 3rd, 2011

TeamSpeak 3.0

TeamSpeak is a VoIP tool that allows many users to chat over the internet. This is great for business conferences, playing games with friends, or just catching up with mom and dad. Literally, anyone can  use this product.

To get full benefits though, you might want to look into setting it up to get the most value out of it. If your looking for more than 2-way chat, TeamSpeak can actually handle thousands of simultaneous connections.  To find out more, just visit TeamSpeak.


Skype 5.5 is the latest release of this very popular VoIP application and chat tool.

The biggest feature in the latest Skype is Facebook tab, which allows you to access your Facebook peeps. You can look into what’s going on with your friends, add comments and update your status, all within Skype. You can also access your phonebook and text/call your Facebook friends (free of charge, if they’re also Skype users, which can save megabucks!).

Skype Voice Changer

In addition to Skype, you can also get Skype Voice Changer. As the name suggests, the application makes it possible to change the sound of your voice during Skype conversations by applying a number of effects to it. Luke, I am your fatherrrrrr.

MP3 Skype Recorder

In addition to those 2 cool things, you can also use Skype Recorder to record any voice calls you make – maybe your doing an interview for your blog or want to record a call so you can listen to it again later. There are many options which you can see on the website.

MP3 Skype Recorder is a completely free service that offers no arbitrary recording limits, and is relatively easy to set up. Make sure you have a version of Skype with the Extras Manager installed (visit the Extras Shop and download the version of Skype listed here if you discover the Extras option is greyed out in Skype’s Tools menu).


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