Axvoice Delivers an Amazing VoIP Service

Written by shannon on January 4th, 2011

Want another reliable VoIP service? Try Axvoice.

Offering unlimited local, long distance or international call plans at amazing low prices, The user-friendly Axvoice service provides incredibly high-quality voice calls and is very simple and easy to setup.

VoIP is growing a lot in popularity and is quickly making normal telephones obsolete. With rates charged three time less than traditional phone systems, it’s no wonder why VoIP is becoming a hit!

Axvoice delivers feature-rich service and low cost calling plans  ranging from per minute charges to unlimited local and international dialing. Axvoice allows you to male international calls to 40 destinations around the world including China, India, Germany, Mexico, and others for as low as 1.5 cents per minute calls.

If your in the U.S. or Canada, calling plans range from $0 to $8.25 that allow unlimited calls anywhere in the US and Canada.

All packages include call waiting, caller ID, black listing, call forwarding, voice mail and online account services. Other additional features include call filter, Do Not Disturb, Conference calling, distinctive ring; Find me Follow me, call logs and softphone support.

As an added option, Axvoice provides universal number service for customers within U.S. and Canada.

24/7 technical support and live chat facility are offered as value-add services with support for number portability, E-911 emergency calls and BYOD support that allows people to bring their own phone with any VoIP phone.

Not bad right? Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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