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Written by josh on March 11th, 2013

Periodically we like to update you on companies we told you about in the past. We wrote about VoipCheap in 2009 here, and it’s time for another edition. VoipCheap is a company that lets you make free calls to regular phones over the internet.

VoipCheap lets you make free calls sometimes, and provides very low rates to make calls the rest of the time. First, you have to download the program. Once you’ve downloaded, you can use the program to call anyone else, anywhere in the world, for free, who also has downloaded the program. This is called peer-to-peer calling.

When you become a registered VoipCheap user, you’ll be awarded 200 minutes of free calling per week. So you need to buy credit to get these free calling minutes. There are also free calling days, where you can call select countries for free. Italy, Germany, France, Hong Kong, and South Korea are some of those select free countries.

If you’ve run out of free calling minutes and are not calling on a free day, you will use VoipCheap’s low international rates. Here are some of their rates:

– Call India for $.02/minute
– Call Jamaica for $.15/minute
– Call Mexico for $.15/minute

Even when you don’t have free days or free minutes, you’ll be able to make very cheap calls.




There are a few ways you can make calls with VoipCheap. You can call from a computer, a mobile device, or a fixed phone. VoipCheap is designed for PC, but you can use it with other operating systems. If you’re using a Mac or Linux operating system, you can still use VoipCheap. You just need to download X-lite to do so.

Since we wrote about VoipCheap almost four years ago and are writing about them again now, you can see that they are a consistent and successful company. That means they put out a valuable product.

Does anyone use VoipCheap already?

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