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Written by shannon on March 30th, 2010

Now making calls to India for extremely low prices is simple and convenient by using India LD. You can now buy up to as many minutes as you need to call friends and family in India. India LD also enables you to not just call India, but for others across the globe to call you. As well as India, India LD also gives you access to 11 other countries for the extremely low price of just 1 cent a minute.

            India LD requires no downloading, no wires, no equipment, or even a service contract. All you have to do to start making calls to loved ones or business partners in India today is as simple as going on to there website and picking out a plan that fits your budget perfectly. Unlike some companies that only have a limited amount of 2 payment plans to choose from, India LD has up to five plans, each one at an affordable price and has great minute rates.

            After purchasing a plan, call one of India LD’s access numbers, dial the number of the person who you’d like to reach, and start talking! India LD’s simple and affordable service also allows you to check your minutes, review your call history, and also manage your account all from your PC! At the great and convenient rate of 1 cent a minute for international calls to India, why not sign up with India LD?

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