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Written by shannon on April 1st, 2010

Friends, at times, are the people who we talk to the most. But sometimes that’s not always cheap. Thanks to calling your friends is not only cheap, but free as well. Friend Caller is a website that allows you to make internet calls to your friends, family, or just about anyone for free.

            Software isn’t required for this website. Unlike most sites that include long, boring downloads that only take up space on your computer or time taking software; Friend Caller doesn’t require any of that. Simply click the link on their website, and enjoy all the free internet calling you could imagine.

            Although internet calling is free, calling a cell phone or another phone in a different country is not. But no need to become doubtful, these calling rates are so extremely cheap, that they had might as well be free. Along with being able to call anywhere in the United States, Free Calls also allows you to call up to 35 different countries around the world.

            In addition to being able to call your friends from your web browser, Friend Caller now allows you to make calls from your iPhone! With this great feature, making all the internet calls you want to your friends for free, extremely cheap prices to make international calls, and no software required, why wouldn’t you want to use FriendCaller?

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