Facebook App Updated with VoIP

Written by josh on February 25th, 2013

Facebook has been taking serious strides into the VoIP market. We’ve kept you updated on the company’s advancements in posts here and here. Recently, Facebook has made more VoIP improvements.

The Facebook App for iOS recently received an update that enables the same VoIP calling feature that currently exists and was recently made available in the Facebook Messenger app. The feature became available in the Messenger app in the middle of January (read about it in the link above). The app places a “Free Call” button inside the user’s information page, and is accessible by tapping the “i” button in a message conversation window.

When using the feature to make free calls, make sure whoever you’re trying to call has downloaded the newly-updated Facebook app or the Messenger app in order to receive your call. Otherwise, you’ll find the Free Call button grayed out and disabled.




The update also adds newer, larger buttons to “like,” “comment,” and “share” actions on posts. The new buttons should encourage more engagement through the app and will be easier to tap than before.

The Facebook Messenger app has been treated as a testing ground for the company’s technology advances, VoIP included. The new contact list look was first introduced in Facebook Messenger, as was the swipe movement to open the contact list. These features got promoted to the main app, just as the VoIP calling feature has. We can assume that improvements to the Facebook app will make headway in the Messenger app first.

We’ll continue to keep you updated on Facebook’s push into the VoIP game. Until then:

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  1. Chandru Lalwani Says:

    Very nice

  2. Jon Says:

    Facebook’s been getting more and more into the mobile side of things lately.

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