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Written by josh on September 18th, 2014

Last week in San Francisco, T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere took the stage and announced his company’s newest addition to “Uncarrier.” Every phone T-Mobile sells from here on out will come with free Wi-Fi calling and texting.

The upgrade will require no setup for users at all. It will require no apps or new usernames either. It’s just built in. T-Mobile is clearly forging a path towards the future.


If current customers want to upgrade to the free calling service, T-Mobile is opening an exclusive window for users to do so. Even if customers don’t qualify for an upgrade yet.

If you start a call on Wi-Fi and walk out of range during the call, LTE will pick up the call seamlessly. Apple discussed this specific aspect of the plan at its iPhone event last week.

T-Mobile is also passing out “Personal CellSpots,” a router that allows users to take advantage of Wi-Fi calling wherever they are. For certain subscribers, the device will be available for free after a $25 deposit.

T-Mobile is catching on to the Wi-Fi calling movement.
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