Free Calls Anywhere in the World for Free with Evaphone

Written by shannon on March 8th, 2012

As well all know But, making international talk can be hard on the wallet, especially when we want to talk to family and friends for long periods of time. Luckily, you can use Evaphone to save a bundle but talk a lot.

Free calls using VoIP is possible with Evaphone. You can call PC-to-Phone, computer-to-computer, and you won’t spend a penny. There’s no annoying registration and all you need to do is call someone, listen to a commercial, and talk to your hearts content. Some free calls don’t last to long but you can call any phones you like.

For those long hourly talks, you might want to use the paid version of Evaphone and call mobiles or landlines for very good rates.

Whether your making free calls to mexico, india, or anywhere else, Evaphone can help you out.



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4 Responses to “Free Calls Anywhere in the World for Free with Evaphone”

  1. Jenny Says:

    Hi, this is Jenny from Bite Communications. I really enjoy reading blog and your sharing of the latest news of free calls and I thought you might be interested in learning about maaii – a breakthrough new VoIP mobile application for free calling and messaging.

    While there are many communications apps out there, what maaii brings to the table is an increased degreesocial integration. Maaii integrates your Facebook friends seamlessly into the app, allowing you to connect and call your social network friends. As long as you are friends on Facebook and are also using maaii, you can call them anytime, anywhere and for free.

    As part of the launch, we would love to invite you to experience maaii. By signing up with maaii, you’ll receive free credit every day, equivalent to100 minutes, right after you download it.

    Get started now by following these steps:
    • Download the app from the iTunes Store on
    • Enter your mobile number (only at launch, and never again)
    • Enter the access code for verification (sent via SMS)
    • Connect to Facebook via one-touch selection
    • Choose a friend to call, either from your phone book or your Facebook contacts. A maaii logo will appear next to the names of friends who have downloaded the app
    • Touch your friend’s name from the Call Free list to make a free call anywhere in the world

    Hope you enjoy the Maaii app, and please feel free to contact me if you need any further information.

    Bite Communications

  2. Catherine Says:

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  3. mahamudabdulwahaab Says:

    this app is very good

  4. josh Says:

    glad you like it!

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