Free Calls to Almost Anywhere in the World: Vonage Premium Long Distance Plan

Written by ometrick on March 8th, 2009

Hi, all! Welcome to another blog on how to make free calls to anywhere in the world (or almost anywhere in the world.) This blog talks about Vonage’s new promotion, concerning their premium long distance phone plan.

With this plan, you can make free calls to countries like the U.K., Ireland, Italy, France, and Spain, in addition to free, unlimited, local, and long distance calls in the U.S. and Canada. This means no what time the calls are placed, they’re free!

If you haven’t already heard, Vonage is of America’s top Internet, telephony service providers. In fact, more people are switching to Vonage not only because of low rates, but also for the wonderful features they offer its customers. Some of these features also include free voicemail, free caller ID, free call waiting, and many more features.

Now, about the current, Vongage premium plan promotion. If you sign up right now, you will get all the former and more, for less than $10 per month, for three months. After the three months, you will only pay less than $30 a month, for this plan. Not a bad deal, considering all you get for it. And to top the deal off…no activation fee! Just pay for the first month and you’re on! Of course, you do need a broadband or DSL connection to use this service. If you don’t have either one, contact your local Internet service provider and ask if they offer broadband or DSL connections in your area (and about Usave broadband deals).

To jump on this promo and/or to see other great plan they offer, go to

Meet the Robinsons rip

and get start making your free calls to almost anywhere in the world, in a matter of days!

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