Free Calls to Anywhere in the World with VideoPhone

Written by ometrick on April 18th, 2009

Morning, all! Welcome to another blog on how to make free calls to anywhere in the world. This blog will show you how to make free calls to anywhere in the world with Videophone.

What is the Videophone? The Videophone was introduced at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York City. Even with this exposure, the phone didn’t become popular until this past decade.

Why? Because the phones are very expensive (around $1,500 at some places.) That’s the downside of this highly-priced, but useful phone. The upside of having one is it allows you call your friends and family anywhere in the world, via the Internet.

The phone is an IP videophone that is manufactured by a company called InnoMedia. The phone just recently came out and has a 4-inch LCD screen with camera. the phone also can be hooked up to almost any camera, TV, VCR, and DVD player, via the out/in video outlets.

The phone works best on a cable or high-speed connection, with a fixed IP address. Dial-up Internet connections need not apply here. Also, the firewall on your computer must be turned off, before the phone can be used, since the computer’s IP proxies must be free to send and receive transmissions.

To read more about this amazing phone from InnoMedia, click here.

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