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So your missing home and wanting to call home to India. Maybe you have business to do in the growing country. Whatever you reason is for wanting to call people in India, you have many options using VOIP products and calling cards. These services are so cheap, we consider them free. Sometimes they are free.




Looking for VOIP products? VOIP is Voice of Internet Protocol and basically means your making a call over the internet rather than a phone line. We use it lots and most of the time it works great. The quality will be as good as your internet connection and the service your using. Some products even offer video so if you and your contacts have a camera, you can look at each other while you talk. Service is cheap and quality is amazing. If your looking for calls that require a computer or smartphone, check below:

Make free international calls with Tuitalk

Make Free PC to PC calls to India

Yahoo Voice allows you to make quick calls to India

Blurtit: Make Free Calls Around the World Today


buy-calling-cardsCALLING CARDS

If your traveling without a computer or smartphone, then your probably more interested in calling cards which allow you to use a pay-phone or other phones by calling a number, entering your calling card information, and enjoying very cheap rates worldwide. Check out some notable ones below:

Call India with Raza’s calling cards

Make Cheap International Calls with PennyTalk


Still looking for other options. I have posted a couple below. They aren’t really calling cards and they don’t require a computer necessarily. Some basically give you a certain number to call from your phone and by calling that number and inputing your special code, you get to call at local rates rather than international rates. The other turns an international number into a local one reducing your rates.

Call India Today with IndiaLD

Free international calls with Rebtel service


Still not enough? No problem….. Click here :)

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