Free Calls: Viber for Android

Written by shannon on January 16th, 2012

If you haven’t heard of Viber before, it’s a very cool application that allows you to make free calls and free texts. My buddies use it and highly recommend it.

There website looks great which is something I am a big fan of, and it’s available on both the Iphone and now the Android.

Talk for free with friends and family all over the world who also use Viber. The cool thing about it is that once your friends have Viber, it will automatically find those friends in your contact list and allow you to call them. Thanks to VoIP, no charge at all.

It’s a free app and totally worth the download. it includes amazing stuff like:

– Free international calls and text to Viber users

– Use your current contact list where Viber searches your contacts to see who already has viber.

– Call right away!

If your packin’ a Iphone or Android Device, check out Viber today.



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