Free Calls With Skyetel

Written by shannon on March 23rd, 2012

Make Freecalls Worldwide with Skyetel Number

Are you looking for more ways to make free calls anywhere in the world? Skyetel might be what you are looking for.

Skyetel is a Social Communication Network that allows communication through text, voice and video across multiple devices such as Wi-Fi-Mobile phones, SIP phones, IP Wi-Fi phones, PSTN landline phones and several others. And one of its greatest benefits is in providing free or cheaper call services worldwide.

Before you can make free calls anywhere in the world, you have to get your gNumber or global number first by signing up on their Web site. You can then activate your gNumber across all devices and gadgets that you have. When you are done, you can already enjoy all the free services they provide.

Invite your family and friends to use Skyetel as well so that wherever they are in the world, you can call them anytime for free.

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