FreeConference: Make Free Conference Calls to Around the World

Written by ometrick on March 18th, 2009

Hello, All! This here is another blog on how to make free calls to anyone around or in the world. This blog will talk about a company that offers free, unlimited conference calling to its customers, to call other people in different countries.

So, what company offers this? The name of the company is Free Conference. They’re a primarily web-based company and their website is  If you want to make conference calls, at little cost or free, you’ve found the right place.

The company has four, different plans for you to choose from: the free basic service plan, the free conference call select plan, the phone conferencing, a-la-carte service (pay by the call), and the premium, 1-800 service (calls are made via a 1-800 number.)

Moreover, you can share videos and photos during the calls, and check your account status and history, via the website. Now if you like to record your conversations, unlimited, you’ll only pay $9.00 per month. Can’t beat that, business owners! All services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for your convenience.

To sign up and/or see more details about this great deal, go to right now!

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