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Written by shannon on December 3rd, 2010

I know I know. Your thinking it’s about $%^&ing time they post an article on calling cards. Sorry guys. Here it is. It’s tough when VoIP is so much easier.

Save up to 95% on regular international calls by using Cloncom. With Cloncom, you can use a landline or cell phone to call all you want. Cloncom has been providing cheap international calling cards and prepaid wireless refills for over 10 years. They are a leader in calling cards and have been known for quality.

A few examples of rates below for you to compare with your current provider:

India Calling Cards – $0.09/min
Brazil Calling Cards – $0.07/min
USA Calling Cards – $0.04/min
Australia Calling Cards – $0.04/min
UK Calling Cards – $0.05/min
Pakistan Calling Cards – $0.49/min
Singapore Calling Cards – $0.02/min
Mexico Calling Cards – $0.07/min
China Calling Cards – $0.03/min
Iraq Calling Cards – $0.20/min
Hong Kong Calling Cards – $0.05/min

Anyone can buy a card. It’s super simple. Just visit Cloncom and follow the easy steps. Visit the site, find the card you want, and then pay for it. Once you have your card, grab the pin number and use it when your making a call. If you go back to Cloncom for more in the future, your card will be on file and you can easily add more credit.

Advantage you may like:

  • online chat customer service
  • clear connections
  • buy phone cards without leaving the computer
  • buy a card 24 hours a day

That’s about it guys. If you have any favorites, please let us know so we can share with the world


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