High Quality International Calls with Sonetel

Written by shannon on April 15th, 2012

High Quality International Calls Made Free by Sonetel

One of the many disadvantages of most free calls anywhere in the world is the low quality of conversation, but not with Sonetel. The company promises to give you high quality overseas free calls like no other. You can call any mobile phone or landlines number worldwide using their application.

If you visit their Web site, you will see how easy it is to start making free calls. You have to sign up first for free. Then download their free application in your computer or mobile phone. After completing the two procedures, you can now start calling anyone from anywhere. Calls to other users are free. Calls to non-users are free only for the first one minute regardless of the destination. After one minute, minimal charges may apply to certain destinations while in other places they remain free.


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