Hutch to offer free minutes for calls around the world

Written by ometrick on May 26th, 2009

Today in Bangkok, Thailand, the large multimedia group Hutch, in partnership with three other three mobile phone companies, is beginning a campaign that will keep its sales – and its customer base from dropping. They are going to give each of its customers 1,500 baht worth of free calls.

The customers who will receive the free minutes are ones that either has the Wireless Advance System, a Samart i-Mobile phone, or a Wellcome mobile phone. They will receive 250 baht worth of free calls for six months.

All four Thailand wireless entities hope this will maintain and increase their customer base. they expect to see improvement by 2010. They’re doing this as a response to the declining economy in Thailand. The people there are suffering one of the worst financial crisis in near history.

Hutch also hopes to keep the head of its parent company in Hong Kong happy as well. So far, they have ben please with Hutch Thailand’s performance. No wonder, since 60% of its customers use prepaid plans. Hutch also hopes to maintain this years sales level at a rate of last years.

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