iCall Free Calls for Personal and Business Purposes

Written by shannon on March 3rd, 2012

Whether it is for personal or business purposes, free VoIP calls  is just something we like to take advantage of. Using these free services can help us save enormous sums of money especially if we are regularly calling someone from the U.S., Canada or another country.

iCall is one of the best applications you can take advantage of when it comes to free VoIP calling. You can download this application in your PC, iPad and iPod. Free calls are available for U.S. and Canada only. It charges a very minimal fee for calls to other countries.

iCall has many cool features which you might like to try. It has HD voice calling, HD video calling and instant messaging. Several of its features are very ideal for business use such as web conferencing through HD video and documents and screen-sharing.

The best thing about iCall is that you can use it to call even those who are not iCall users.

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