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Written by ometrick on March 21st, 2009

Hello, Readers! Welcome to another blog on how to make free international calls to anyone and anywhere in the world. This blog will talk about the PC-to-PC phone company, iCall.

What is iCall? ICall is no different than Skype or Oovoo. What this means is that all three use VoIP (voice over internet proxy) technology to make phone calls from one PC to another. This is how VoIP calls are made for free. No sepcific internet connection is required, although, DSL or high-speed Internet connection is highly recommended, unless you like to suffer the perverbial “lost” connection syndrome, during a call.

So, if you’re ready to make these free calls to anyone in the U.S and Canada, ICall has three plans for you to choose from. The first plan is the free plan, that only allow you to talk up to five minutes maximum. The second plan is the pay-as-you-go plan, where you still get unlimited minutes to Canada and the U.S., but, like the first plan, international calls are pay-per-call and all calls won’t have ads on them. The last plan is the complete package, where you can make unlimited calls to and from the two countries, with over 200 access numbers, plus get all the features (call forwarding, call waiting, directory assistance, etc.) for only $9.95 per month.

Moreover, with the last plan, you get the best rates on international calling. To find out more about each plan and to sign up for one of them, go to www.icall.com.

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