IVR ExpressTalk: Make Free Calls to Anywhere in the World (PC-to-PC)

Written by ometrick on March 27th, 2009

Hey, everyone! Welcome to another blog on how to make free calls to anywhere in the world. This blog talks about the PC-to-PC service called  ExpressTalk.

How does ExpressTalk work? It woks like a regular phone, except you have to download their software from their website to make the calls. All cars are 100% free – so no high long distance bill or anything like that. To make the calls to anywhere in the world for free, you need to sign up to a gateway service, with uses an SIP protocol to connect the calls, or with those who have installed the software. It’s similar to Skype.

what are the features of this phone? The features of this phone include:

  • Supports up to four lines at a time
  • Software works well with a headphone system or microphone speakers
  • Includes echo cancellation, noise reduction, data compression features
  • Can be configured with Firewalls and NATs
  • And a phone book with mini-dial

To find out more about this program and to download the software needed to make free PC-to-PC calls to anywhere in the world, Click here

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