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Written by shannon on April 14th, 2010

Are you looking to make free calls to Jamaica so that you can talk to friends, family, and business partners whenever you want? Nowadays free calls to anywhere internationally are hard to come by without having to pay some sort of fee. But with Rebtel, international calls to Jamaica are as close to free then ever before. With the extremely low rate of $0.099 for land line calls and $0.199 for mobiles calls, Rebtel is a hard offer to turn down. Rebtel’s extremely reliable service is used by millions of loyal users daily who look for the best way to make international calls to Jamaica and many other international countries as well.

            But how exactly are these extremely cheap calls made? The first step is by creating an account on Rebtel and letting them know what country you live in and where you’re calling from. This eliminates the process of having to use a pin number when making a call. The next step is to enter in the phone number of the person who you would like to get a hold of in Jamaica. Rebtel then gives you a local number that is associated with who you are trying to call. Once you have that number it will be the number that you use to call your friend every time you’d like to talk to them. Save that number to your phone and use it again and again to talk to your loved one or business partner.

            The process and price of Rebtel is extremely simple and convenient to all of its users. Now making international calls to Jamaica is easy to do and extremely cheap. To start making nearly free calls to Jamaica today, check out Rebtel!

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