Make Free Calls Around the World with PC-Telephone

Written by ometrick on March 24th, 2009

Hello, all! Welcome to another week, in March, and another blog on how and where to make free calls to anywhere in the world. This blog talks about the internet, telphony-fax company, PC-Telephone.

What is PC-Telephone? PC-Telephone is a comapny that offers PC-to-PC, PC-to-Fax, and PC-to-phone calling services to its customers. Yes, for 100% free, you can call your friends and family to and from any computer in the world.

How do you make these free calls? Well, all you have to do is to find the person whom you wish to call’s IP address or computer name, enter it in the phonebar, and press the “Dial” button, and you have your free call.

To find out more on how to make these free calls, go to and start making your free calls around the world today.

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  1. Free Conference Call Says:

    Thanks for the great input. In this case, I can now make calls to my relatives abroad without spending any money or bills.

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