Make Free Calls to Almost Anywhere in the World with BroadVoice

Written by ometrick on March 11th, 2009

Hey, All! Welcome to another blog on how to make free calls (or almost free calls) to anywhere (or almost anywhere) in the world. This blog will talk about the internet telephony, or VoIP, company, BroadVoice and their Unlimited World Plan.

What is BroadVoice? BroadVoice is similar to Vongae and Imvox…where you make free, unlimited calls to people almost anywhere in the world (21 nations, in fact.) These 21 countries include the U.K., Canada, France, Germany, and Ireland. All calls are unlimited and free to and from there (as long as you’re a BroadVoice customer).

Now, let’s talk about the company’s Unlimited World Plan. This plan includes many features that are similar to what Vonage offers, including:

However, to check your voicemail messages, go to their website’s account portal to do so. BraodVoice gives you in all, 25 features that you can use, or not use to your disposal. What’s ven more great about this plan is it costs less than $20 a month to have (not including taxes and surcharges.) Also note, there’s a one-time, sign up fee ($39.95) to activate the service.

Mobile calls to the U.S and Canada are also including in this plan. To see more about this plan, see other plans, including the U.S. Unlimited Plan, and/or to sign up, go to and start making free calls to almost anywhere in the world today!

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