Make Free Calls to Anywhere in the World with Opomi

Written by ometrick on April 20th, 2009

Morning everyone! Welcome to another blog on how to make free calls to people – anywhere in the world! The ever-growing cost of long distance payments – including international ones – are driving many people to find ways of making calls around the world free!

One ways of doing this is using the VoIP internet phone service, Opomi.

What is Opomi?


Opomi is similar to many of the VoIP phone service carriers like Skype and Yahoo! IM phone. Opomi’s aim is to offer cheap calling rates to many countries around the world.

How do you get free minutes to make the international, long distance calls?

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When you add minutes to your account, you will receive free minutes to call to any of the 26 countries on the free calls list. The list of these countries include the U.S. U.S Virgin Islands, Canada, the U;K., Argentina, Australia, and China (mobile and landline calls).

The calls can be only placed to a landline phone, unless noted on the free calls list.

What happens when you run out of minutes? When you run out of free minutes, just use the ones remaining in your account to make additional calls. The cheapest ones to make is from the U.S. to the U.K. for only one cent a minute!

How do I sign up with Opomi and get the free minutes?

1. Go to their website

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and click on the Setup tab to choose how you want to set up this service.

2. Once you’ve selected this plan, download the software.

3. After that, create a new account with your personal info.

4. Login to your account, via the software, add minutes, and you’ll recieve your free minutes.

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One Response to “Make Free Calls to Anywhere in the World with Opomi”

  1. Rob Says:

    Very Cheap International Calls by Call For Free.

    This service is only available in Australia for calls going out to 70 countries from Australia.

    NOrmally CAP mobile minutes go waste, this company help consumer and allow them to utilise the AP minute of landline or mobile plans to dial their gateway number.

    In a way it is complete free service as users have already paid for CAP minutes, Call For Free is just showing them anotehr to utilise the CAP Minutes.

    Gateway number is 0413 707 650, for more info browse our website.


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