Make Free Calls to Australia with VoIP Buster

Written by shannon on April 15th, 2010

Calling countries that are half way across the world can not only be complicating, but extremely expensive. VoIP Buster is an absolutely free program that is dedicated to letting you make easy and free international calls to Australia and many other countries as well. VoIP Buster provides you with free computer software that allows you to make free calls to any landline phone in Australia and for an extremely low rate; you can call any mobile phone.

            VoIP Buster is not just a phone to phone service. It also provides its users with pc to pc calls. Pc to pc calls are also absolutely free and will not cost you a penny. All it takes is a simple download that will take merely a few minutes to upload onto your computer.

            We already know that VoIP Buster is free, now comes the easy part. In order to make a phone to phone call, all you have to do is go onto their website and log in to your account. Once that is done all that’s left is to type in your number and the number that you’d like to call in Australia (or another country, if you please). VoIP Buster will then call your phone and dial in the number that you wish to call. After being connected, you are ready to talk!

            VoIP Buster seems like an extremely easy way to make free calls to Australia, but you’ll never know unless you try it. To get started, log on to VoIP Buster today and start talking.

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