Make free calls with GrooVeIP (Android only) through Google Voice

Written by josh on September 24th, 2013

GrooVeIP is a solid app that lets Android users make unlimited calls in the US or Canada and make cheap international calls without using voice minutes. GrooVeIP uses 3G/4G or WiFi in conjuction with Google Voice to allow you to save on your calling minutes.

GrooVeIP is the official Android Google Voice app and hooks into your Google Voice account.

GroovVeIP will come in handy if:

– You want a second virtual phone line

– You’re in a location with WiFi access but a poor cellular connection

– You have WiFi but you don’t have a mobile plan

– You’re traveling overseas and do not want to rent a phone. You can send and receive calls using your Google Voice number anywhere you have WiFi.


GrooVeIP integrates with your phone’s contacts. It also has a separate dialer. You can use the separate dialer to make calls or you can use your default dialer. You can make this choice on a call to call basis.

GrooVeIP also has a voicemail feature. It will send transcribed messages to your inbox.

You can also record incoming calls with GrooVeIP. That’s a pretty cool feature.

You have to buy GrooVeIP for $3.99, but that price will pare in comparison to the voice minutes you’ll save by using it.

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