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Written by josh on May 16th, 2014

Breaking news! Yesterday provider netTALK announced the launch of a brand new communications app.

The app lets users make free calls to other users on the app free of charge. Interestingly, no separate screen name is needed. All you do is provide an email address and find other users via their email addresses through your contact list.

Users can call any netTALK subscriber anywhere in the world for free.


netTALK also lets users make discounted calls to non netTALK users around the world. The company says you will spend 30-40% less on international calling when using netTALK. Pay through Google Wallet or charge calls to your normal cell phone bill.

Right now, netTALK is also giving away free US and Canadian phone numbers so that unlimited incoming calls from friends and family are free.

The app is available for both Android and iOS and is optimized to work on phones and tablets.

Bonus feature – free FM radio broadcasts! You can even stream broadcasts to any Bluetooth speaker.

The app also allows free conference call bridge with as many participants as you want.

“Our goal with this new app was to provide customers with affordable flexibility and features,” says netTALK’s CEO Takis Kyriakides. “Our customers always get to save money, and now they can make the most of their mobile devices too.”

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