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Written by josh on August 13th, 2014

Nanu is a new app that lets users make free calls to anyone, anywhere, and they aim to compete with giants like Skype and Viber.

Nanu separates itself by consuming less bandwidth than other VoIP apps. This means that users in areas where only 2G is available will still be able to make high quality calls successfully. These people are in rural and developing markets and could greatly benefit from Nanu.

Right now, all Nanu-Nanu mobile calls are free. But it’s also possible to dial non-Nanu users (mobile and landline) in 73 different locations around the world. The first 15 minutes to non-Nanu users are free to the first one million people who download Nanu.


To use Nanu, download the app for free on your smart phone and enter your phone number. The app will access your phone’s contacts. Other Nanu users will appear and non-Nanu users will appear with a “+” next to their name.

Your calls on Nanu are free because the company makes money advertising. You’ll hear an ad while the phone rings, but once the call is picked up, the ad will end.

The app is only available for Android at the moment.

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