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Written by shannon on May 3rd, 2010

If you are like many of us who strive to look for a company that will provide you with free international calling, then look no further. TuiTalk is a downloadable program that allows you to contact friends, family, or business partners in over 40 countries, including being able to call mobile and landlines in America.  The best feature of all, of course, is that it’s one hundred percent free!

            TuiTalk is not only free, but also extremely easy to use. To start, all you have to do is go to their website, join by making your own account and registering (which is completely free as well), and then downloading the free TuiTalker Soft phone onto the desktop of your computer or mobile phone. Once the download is complete you are ready to go! TuiTalk is also iPhone friendly and can be downloaded directly.

            TuiTalk is free because the website is sponsored by advertising, allowing you to make free international calls across the world. Although these calls are free, you are limited to only three a day and each country is specified with a time limit. Calling great countries like Mexico, India, The United Kingdom, and more is now extremely easy thanks to TuiTalk.

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  1. vannak Says:

    i want to try international call from pc to mobile phone

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