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Written by shannon on April 15th, 2010 is a website that allows you to make faxes to international countries for free, anytime and anywhere. Their slogan “faxing simplified” is an extremely good way to put how their website works. Thanks to My Fax, faxing is as easy and simple as filling in a few lines of information and sending your important fax on its way!

            My Fax is very similar to the other website Fax Zero, another site that allows you to make free faxes. The difference? My Fax lets you send faxes through the web to up to 41 international countries, for free. Now sending faxes to countries all over the globe such as Canada, Chine, Japan, and more will not cost you a cent.

            To send a free fax all you have to do is go onto their website and fill out your fax information and the person who you are sending it to. Then create or attach the file that you would like to fax. Once that is done you send your fax and a confirmation email will be sent to your email address. After being confirmed, your fax is off to be delivered.

            To start sending free international faxes today, give My Fax a visit!

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