Make Nearly Free Calls to Anywhere in the World with Telbo

Written by ometrick on April 19th, 2009

Hello, all! You’re at another blog on how to make free calls to anywhere (or almost anywhere) in the world. This article talks about the VoIP phone service provider, Telbo. Telbo is a creation of the innovative company, BetaMax.

According to this site, the new, VoIP phone service offers nearly free, unlimited calls to anywhere in the world, from one dollar and up. That’s right, one dollar can get you unlimited, international phone calls (U.S. and Canada.) This is making nearly free, unlimited calls to and from the U.S. and Canada.

You can make free internet calls with their software.
Now, for the world plan, you can make calls to 36 countries for less than six dollars a month. In any case, you can opt to use 3, 6, or 1-year subscriptions with Telbo.

These free calls can be made to cell phones too.

Now, there are limitations to using Telbo. One is you can only use a maximum of 10,000 minutes a month for the calls. Another disadvantage (or possibly incorrect) is you can’t make SIP voice phone calls, but of you ping, you will receive a response.

To find out more about Telbo and to download their software, click here

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  1. ilimitee calls avec Telbo Says:

    That’s a very good write up. It’s amazing how technology can change so quickly,
    and how useful it can be. VOIP is becoming more standard now as businesses are
    taking advantage of cheaper rates.

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