Military Families: Choose USA Free Call to Call your Loved Ones Overseas

Written by ometrick on March 6th, 2009

Hello Eveybody! Welcome to another blog about making free calls to anywhere in the world. No, this is not another internet fax calls, like the previous two blogs. This blog talks about a website that will show you how to make free voice calls to your family, from your military base overseas.

With things going on now in the Middle East and other parts of the world, it’s very important that you, the American soldier, or soldierette, to keep in touch with your family. Free calls, I say? Yes, it’s possible – through the use of the military’s DSN telephone network.

So, no more expensive or collect calls to your loved ones back home. For those who have at least one military person overseas, you should tell them about USAFreeCall. Moreover, these calls can be made from any DSN phone in the world (authorization is required, of course, to use these phones) and the calls are absolutely free, using USAFreeCall’s access numbers.

No matter if you call your family and friends in Hawaii or Florida, nor you or they will have to pay a single penny for them. Now here’s the good part: getting the access numbers.

This is a simple as going to and clicking on the access number link, on the main page.The numbers are sorted by the name of the base your or your military loved one.

You can also make moral calls as well. If you want to make more free, military or morale calls, you should check out The site is similar to USAFreeCall. Have fun and God bless America!

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