Need to Call to India? Use Amantel

Written by josh on February 8th, 2013

Is there an unlimited amount of VoIP services out there to call India? Of course not. But sometimes it seems that way. Have any of you heard of Amantel? It is a VoIP service that lets you make international calls, and it has great rates for calling India.

Amantel has many of the features you look for in a VoIP service:

– Pinless Dialing – Just dial the access number and their system will automatically recognize your PIN.

– No Hidden Fees – Call anywhere in the world and don’t worry about fees.

– Auto Recharge – Never worry about running out of minutes. Register your account with Auto Recharge and get $5 worth of free minutes off the bat.

– Local Access Numbers – Choose from a great selection of both local and toll free access numbers for any state.

– Any Phone, Any Carrier – Amantel can be used with any carrier and any phone. No internet required.




Here are Amantel’s prices for calling India:

– They use a flat rate plan – 0.9 cents/minute.
– For $10 you get 1100 minutes.
– For $25 you get 2700 minutes.

Amantel also offers prepaid calling cards. To make calls, you don’t need to set up Auto Recharge if you don’t want to.

Calling India and saving money has never been so easy and possible. Use Amantel and connect with friends and family overseas. Of course, check out Amantel’s rates for calling other countries besides India.

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