NokNok – A different approach to free calls

Written by josh on December 2nd, 2013

Next time you leave home, bring NokNok with you. NokNok is a VoIP app designed by an Israeli team that takes a slightly different approach to free calls.

When you leave home all you do is turn NokNok on. Then anyone anywhere in the world can call your phone. You pick it up for free, and they don’t pay extra charges either. They can call from a landline of mobile line, and they don’t need to have downloaded NokNok.

Of course you don’t have to be “traveling” to use NokNok. You can simply make international calls for free if who you’re calling has NokNok on, and you can receive international calls for free when you have NokNok on. Call India for free with NokNok!

NokNok works with or without your SIM card.

All you need is 3G or WiFi to pick up the call for free.


NokNok is also the iPhones first and only real caller ID. That means you know who’s calling before you answer.

The best thing about NokNok is that it’s not an app-to-app calling platform like most VoIP apps are. You are the only one who needs it downloaded (for free), and you just turn it on when you are roaming. Then anyone can call you. Simple as that.

Right now, NokNok is only available for iPhone.

Give NokNok a try!

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