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Written by josh on October 20th, 2012

The revolution is upon us. It seems like every other day a new great VoIP app launches, enabling more inexpensive – if not free – communication to take place internationally. Free calls to anywhere in the world.

Pinger is the next version of what was called “TextFree.” Whereas TextFree just offered free text messages, Pinger now also provides free incoming calls from any phone in the U.S. and Canada.

All incoming calls are free, and Pingers can elect to pay for cheap outgoing minutes or earn free outgoing minutes just by watching and downloading suggested videos and apps.

There are other features Pinger provides, similar to other VoIP apps such as:

– Group messaging

– Free second phone line

– Communicate with other Pingers for free anywhere in the world

That last one is pretty awesome ain’t it?



Pinger sets itself apart though due to its content-driven and photo-based interface that arranges communication with separate contacts into a single screen. Tap a contact – all their calls, both answered and missed, voicemails and text messages are all there on one screen. Easy.

VoIP is seriously catching on. More and more providers are offering unlimited calls and messages if you pay for data. Data is precious, and carriers are learning to give free calls and messages away if they can get it back through data. There will be more Pingers.

Download Pinger for iPhone or for Android.


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