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Written by josh on August 15th, 2014

Zip Phone is taking free calls to the next level. The new app seamlessly integrates into your Android phone, creating a passive free calling experience.

If you read this blog, you’ll know there are many VoIP apps out there – Skype, Viber, Line being major ones. Almost all of them have one thing in common – to use the app you need to launch it, sign in, see who’s online, then dial from within the app. Zip Phone is different. It’s an “invisible app.”

“With Zip Phone, you just need to have it installed on your phone once, and that’s it. My philosophy is that you should never have to look at my app again,” says Anuj Jain, the company’s founder.

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Zip Phone deeply integrates into Android operating systems. The app becomes part of your default calling experience. Zip Phone detects when you’re on Wi-Fi and takes over the default Android dialer when it sees the other person you are dialing also has Zip Phone. Calls can be routed over Wi-Fi or cellular, so both users don’t need to be on one or the other. The app works with any Android or iPhone mobile phone, check out for it.

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Additionally, Zip Phone provides secure calling. The app automatically encrypts calls using a combination of encryption methods (RSA, 256-bit AES encryption). No one can listen into your calls on Zip Phone, including the company itself. Zip Phone creates a new encryption key for each phone call. The keys are never stored on your phone’s server, so no one can eavesdrop in.

Zip Phone recently launched an iPhone version, but it works like a traditional VoIP app – you have to launch it to make calls. 

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