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Written by shannon on June 13th, 2012

VoiP, Fax and SMS Services in One by Vitelity

All-in-one solution seems to be the trend now in our modern day and age. In communication, people are usually looking for one device or application that will allow them to do all their forms of communication like calling, sending SMS and fax, emails, and so on.

Because of the increasing demand for an all-in-one solution for communication, Vitelity Communications came up with an application with built-in capabilities to make VoIP calls, Fax, and send SMS.  Some of their popular products with great capabilities are the Origination, Global Termination, DIDs (8,500+ rate centers), Toll Free, vFAX, Hosted PBX, and SMS for VoIP. Although these services may charge you a reasonable fee, you also get the best quality services and round-the-clock customer service in return.

Who would want an application that can only make free calls to anywhere in the world when all you need is an all-in-one solution? For all your communication needs, Vitelity has it all for you.


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