Sending Fax from Your Iphone? When Will it Stop!

Written by shannon on January 25th, 2011

As you all know, technology is amazing. It gets better and better each day and there is always something new to blow our minds.

As you all know from reading this site, internet fax is amazing and very cost effective. Now you can also send and receive fax from your Iphone.

I’m gonna give you a couple options below:

1. IFaxPro: This amazing service lets you send unlimited faxes all over the planet as well as giving you a customer fax number to receive faxes with. It features PDF and document integration allowing you to import mail and upload/download formats like PDF, XLS, DOC, and JPEG. Grab a Ifax number and start receiving faxes directly to your Iphone!

2. EFAX: This great app is an essential business tool for people on the go! You can create and send faxes by simply taking photos of documents! Amazing right? You can even enhance the images as well as combine them all together just like you would from a real fax machine. You can view and search faxes, use a cover sheet, contact lists, archive faxes, and send documents by email! Oh, one more thing – It’s FREE!

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