Skype Group Video Calls Now Free!

Written by josh on May 9th, 2014

Big news in the VoIP world announced last week. Skype will now provide group video calling capabilities for free.

Previously, at least one caller on a group video call needed a subscription to Skype Premium which cost $8.99/month to organize a group video call. In comparison, Google Hangouts has offered this service for free for many years now.

According to their website, this move by Skype hurtles the company back into competition for the best communications platform. Group video calling is free on Skype’s desktop version for the Windows Skype clients, Macs, and the Xbox One. There is also support for additional platforms – including the Modern UI Skype app installed into Windows 8.1 – which is coming in the future.

The Skype group video call supports three to ten participants. The company says five or fewer people allows for the best experience though.


But this free announcement isn’t the only perk of Skype’s recent roll out. Windows Phone 8.1 will feature Skype integration, which will allow you to easily transfer a traditional voice call over to a video chat as long as both callers have Skype installed on their phones.

Skype also improved the performance of its mobile apps and cross-platform message syncing earlier in 2014.

Everyone better watch out! Skype is coming for ya!

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