Smart Global Call: Free Calls to Anywhere in the World

Written by ometrick on March 14th, 2009

Hello! Welcome to another blog on how to call to anywhere in the world (or almost anywhere in the world) absolutely free (or dirt cheap.)

If you’re sick and tired of paying a fortune in long distance calls, you should read this article further. If you’re feeling like this and want to talk to your peoples overseas – without the high costs – then you should check out this amazing website, is a website that lists, in detail, many of the top places to get free minutues for international or domestic calling. It’s there you will also find some of the top VoIP telephony providers (Lingo, ViaTalk) that offers free or very cheap, unlimited minutes. It don;t matter if you’re calling to the U.K. or China, you pay little to nothing for them (some restrictions do apply.)

The site even has an international calling guide, which gives you a pretty good info on the best ways to make overseas calls – from a cell or a landline phone.

I would tell you more, but I’ll leave it at that. To experience this vast wealth of info for yourself, go to You won’t be sorry you did.

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One Response to “Smart Global Call: Free Calls to Anywhere in the World”

  1. ray Says:

    More and more new VoIP providers are using the free calls as a bait to attract new customers. We saw this earlier with OnetouchIndia. Now another VoIP provider, Ciaocellular is taking that route. is offering $5 credit for new sign-ups. You can use this credit to make calls across the globe. has some decent rate. For instance, India is 5 cents, Pakistan is 8 cents, Sri Lanka is 10.4 cents, Argentina is 2 cents, and most of Europe under 2 cents, etc. The free credit would mean almost 2 hours free call to India, 1 hour free calls to Pakistan, etc. Please note that you have to give your credit card number to get the free credit, although your card will not be charged. I am not sure of this, but may be you can register multiple accounts if you have multiple telephone numbers and credit cards.

    There are no monthly or annual fee. The company has access numbers in 17 countries to make calls from. The company has other regular features like PIN-less dialing, speed dialing, etc. You can register upto 5 numbers from which you can make calls (without entering PIN). You can use our previously mentioned trick so that you do not have to listen to the prompts and dial the number as if you were dialing any number in your address book.

    So go ahead and use your $5 credit now!!!

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