Tel3 Advantage allows you to make cheap international calls

Written by shannon on April 7th, 2010

Tele Advantage could be one of the best and cheapest ways to make international calls as well as domestic. Unlike most sites or companies that give you a fee just for signing up, Tele Advantage gives you 473 free minutes. Just for simply signing up! This great calling service can be used from any phone, and not just one phone that you register with. You can make cheap international calls with great rates from your home, mobile, or even your work phone. There are no long downloads here, Tele Advantage is a calling card system that allows you to recharge or prepay whenever is convenient to you.

            This company is perfect for nearly everyone. Whether you’re a business manager or a student, Tele has the perfect solution and plan for you. If you’re a cell phone owner, which most people today are, this service has apps in phones such as the iPhone, the Blackberry, and 400 other cellular models.

            To use Tele Advantage’s great service, it’s actually quite simple. Just go onto their website and register, then call a Tele Advantage access number, and then dial in your destination number. Just those 3 simple steps can have you making cheap international calls in minutes.

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