TextNow – use it to call India free

Written by josh on September 16th, 2013

TextNow is another VoIP app that lets you call and text other users for free. If you and your loved ones download TextNow, you’ll be able to communicate with each other free of charge.

Every TextNow user receives their own phone number. This number can receive text messages and calls from other TextNow users.

Moreover, TextNow lets you make unlimited free calls and texts to anyone in the US or Canada.

A nice feature of TextNow is that you can use TextNow’s website to send texts. This is similar to Apple’s iMessage which makes texting more convenient and easier than using your phone.


You can also order a small wireless device from TextNow called MiFi that will provide WiFi service to your iPod, tablet, or wireless device if you’re in a location without WiFi.

TextNow is available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. However, right now its calling feature is only available for iPhone and Android.

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