Written by shannon on October 14th, 2010

We just realized the other day that we have never done a Top 10. Who doesn’t like a Top 10. Top anythings are always fun to watch or read so we have decided to let our community know our top 10 blogs we like to use in relation to VOIP. These blogs all offer valuable information when it comes to VOIP and related internet technology. Just be cool, we won’t add in our own blog although we love and follow our own to :) These are in no particular order.

My Digital Life

This site has been a great source for informations on a wide arrange of topics from VOIP, Gaming, Audio/Video, Computers, and more.

Voip Guides

This site focus’s stricly around VOIP and is another great source when your looking for the latest VOIP product and ways to call loved ones overseas.

Voip Watch

This blogs covers VOIP and Internet Based Telephony. Andy is CEO of Comunicano, Inc., an advertising, marketing and public relations agency, based in Del Mar, Calif. He co-hosts the “World Technology RoundUp” on a daily basis, and the weekly audio magazine “Speculations” with Ken Rutkowski on KenRadio.

Voip Central

This site is written by multiple bloggers and is a very active blog that covers the VoIP industry in depth with the latest news, case studies, product & service announcements, and much more. Users contribute quite a bit of interesting content in the comments areas and guest posts.

Voip Weblog

This great blog reliably cranks out product news, industry trends and insightful articles, and even videos. The RSS feed is convenient.

Latest Geek News

This blog is all about “the latest news in VoIP, Mobile 2.0, Voice 2.0, SMS 2.0, LBS.” An RSS feed provides daily updates.

Snap Voip

The single destination Blog for VoIP, The VoIP Blog, IP Telephony, IPPBX, Open Source VoIP, VoIP news, Skype, Asterisk, SIP, VoIP News, VoIP Solutions, Free VoIP Solutions, Free IP Telephony Solutions, and VoIP info based on Voice over IP technology. The VoIP Blog. VOIPr”

Tru Voip Buzz

This blog is very nicely laid out and serves a lot of VOIP related education in an easy-to-read manner. You can find everything from how to make cheap calls to the latest tips and tricks.

Fierce Voip

This blog isn’t stricly VOIP as niether are all the ones featured here but if your truly interested in the latest happenings in the VOIP and internet services field, this site is great. It’s laid out in news format and will provide you with all the latest news.

Rich Tehrani’s Communications & Technology Blog

This blog has all the latest news on IP communications, telecom, and VoIP, with plenty of opinion & analysis. Tehrani actually founded the first magazine devoted to VoIP in 1998. Now, as president of the Technology Marketing Corp. (, he blogs about government and technology events that affect the IP communications industry.

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    Thank you so much. This is such a lovely list, I was looking for. This list will really help us to read more about VoIP services worldwide.

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    You have a great site yourself! Thanks for the compliment!

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    Very helpful post for VoIP users.

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