UK Three subscribers get more free calls

Written by josh on December 11th, 2013

I assume some of our readers are based in the UK because of the country’s large Indian population. For those of you who are subscribers to the Three network, you are getting a nice gift from the company.

The first gift is that Three has begun switching on its 4G network in select locations in the UK. The mass rollout will begin in London. If you already have a Three plan, you’ll be upgraded to the Three’s 4G plan at no extra cost.

Additionally, Three announced plans to add America to its “Feel At Home” roaming initiative. Free At Home lets Three customers use their minutes, texts and data (including unlimited data) for absolutely no charge while outside the UK. So now Three subscribers can be in America and call home for free. It’s only free to call and receive calls from UK numbers, not US numbers though. Previously, Feel At Home was available in Austria, Australia, Denmark, Hong Kong, Italy Ireland and Sweden. Feel At Home also added Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Macau during this upgrade.


This upgrade comes just in time for travelers during the holiday season.

Feel At Home is a major network provider trying to keep up with the VoIP revolution of calling apps. But it makes sense because people are hesitant to abandon traditional networks so if they add more free calling functions, that’s only a good thing.

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