Viber app lets you make free international calls, SMS

Written by ometrick on July 2nd, 2012

Check out this new, FREE app called Viber for Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry. Viber lets you make free calls and send SMS to anyone else who has the app installed on their smartphone anywhere in the world!

The app uses wifi or 3G so you don’t have to worry about being connected to wifi like other free voip apps. Note, though, that calls and SMS do use your cell phone’s data plan so if you’re capped, you will need to take that into consideration. In these cases, I try to use wifi when it’s available.

Another great feature is that you can use your contact list that’s already stored in your phone. No need to have a separate contact book just for this app. So go ahead, watch the video below, then download the app for free to start making calls today!

You can download it here for free:

iPhone Android  Windows Blackberry

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5 Responses to “Viber app lets you make free international calls, SMS”

  1. Viber Says:


    This is a member of the Viber R&D Team!

    Thank you for your review of Viber. We are very happy to see that so many people worldwide take interest in our application.

    If anyone has any questions/suggestions for Viber, please feel free to let us know, and we will address them shortly.
    Viber Team

  2. Herman Says:

    how can i make a call on viber

  3. Belinda Says:


    I’ve a Windows phone and call facility on Viber app is restricted for Windows phones, only messaging is allowed. Why is it so? Really disappointed!

    Thank you,

  4. jean Says:

    helph me to calling international please

  5. josh Says:

    what do you need help with? many posts describe companies that provide low-cost or international calling.

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