Vobi takes video conferencing to the next level

Written by josh on May 23rd, 2014

A company called Vobi from Austin, TX is trying to be the best video conferencing platform out there. It’s not conferencing they say, it’s collaborating.

Vobi is simple. Users input their mobile number online to get access to Vobi’s dashboard where subscribers initiate group video calls.

Up pops a screen with info related to the meeting – a dynamic document that each participant can edit. Along the bottom are small video screens of each participant and along the left side is a chat function.

Perhaps the best part of Vobi is its ability to allow users to switch devices – from smartphone to laptop to tablet and back – during a conversation without needing to log out of one device. If you’re at home and you need to leave, you can remain on the call no problem.

Vobi charges $5/month per user but offers a 30-day free trial. For a call all you need is one subscriber and everyone else can be guests.


The company says Vobi reflects how we already interact with friends, family and co-workers in life outside business.

“A lot of what people are using in social media has impacted workplace and the way they communicate now,” Wes Cole, Vobi CEO, he says.

Users can drag-and-drop YouTube videos, Dropbox documents, Outlook contracts and any other documents to share with the group.

Vobi also archives each collaboration so that users who miss a call can see what happened. You can continue reading about how you can get a business internet that’s fast enough for video conferencing.

Does anyone use Vobi? Is it worth the money?
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