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Written by josh on January 16th, 2013

Looking to call India and save money doing so? Give the program VoipWise a shot. It’s a simple VoIP program, and it will help you call India and many other places around the world.

VoipWise takes three easy steps to use:

1. Download the VoipWise client

2. Connect your headset

3. Call anywhere in the world.

You can also use VoipWise with a fixed phone or a mobile device (apps for iPhone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Android phone or Symbian phone). VoipWise will provide a cheap local access number for your mobile device, which is another option. And VoipWise also allows you to connect your mobile device with SIP settings if you want to go that route.




Additionally, if you don’t want to download the VoipWise software, you can set up a VoipWise call directly. VoipWise offers an in-browser solution for calling that they refer to as Phone-2-Phone.

The VoipWise international rates are slightly higher than other sites I’ve reviewed here. Rates to India are 4 cents/minute. The cheapest I’ve seen is .19 cents/minute.

But VoipWise also provides unlimited free calls to a variety of countries. Some of these countries are Australia, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Spain and the United Kingdom. If you have family or friends in any of these places, call them for free!

VoipWise is not fancy. It doesn’t have a sleek design. But it’s functional and provides rates and numbers to almost every corner of the world. For that reason, I deemed it worth your while.

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