Vopium lets you make free mobile calls to anyone, anywhere

Written by shannon on March 25th, 2010

Do you have friends or family in other countries you’d like to call for free? Are you thinking of traveling abroad or moving internationally but want to stay in touch with people back home without incurring costly charges?

Vopium is a free service that allows you to make free mobile-to-mobile calls. Simply download the application onto your phone (check compatibility here) and make sure your phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Both you and the person you want to call must have Vopium installed and the connection must be mobile-to-mobile in order to avoid charges. If you want to call a landline or a non-Vopium user, there will be an international connection fee. Given how common it is these days for people to have a cellphone, however, and given how widespread Vopium’s handset support is, this requirement is hardly limiting.

More information: http://vopium.com/vopium-wifi

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