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Written by shannon on November 6th, 2008

Are you tired of making expensive overseas calls? If so, try the services at Vopium.com. Vopium is a recently launched mobile phone and text company that’s offering its customers a free trial, in which they can make free overseas calls to anyone in the world – 30 minutes worth of these calls.

In addition, they’re also offering 100 free SMS messages as well. The free mnitues can be used to call people in countries like the Bahamas, Pakistan, India, Italy, Russia, Australia, China, the. U.K., and Germany.

What’s do darn good about this company and its services? Well, on the site, its users, after they sign up, can use the site to add minutes to their account, before or after the free trial expires, manage their online and offline contacts, and handle other account settings.

Have WiFi? Use that to contact your peoples, from around the world, 100% free. All you and they need is a WiFi connection to the cell phone you and they are using. Very few sites offers this kind of features like these and you do need to go trough a lengthy sign up process with these sites like other VoIP campnyies will have you do.

To begin the sign up process and make your free calls, you need to the fallowing:

1. Go to www.vopium.com

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and click on the “Get Started” tab on the main page.

2. Type only in your country, email, phone to be used with the service, and the captcha key. Press the I Accept” tab on the front page.

3. You should receive a confirmation email, giving you your account details and a link to the site. You should be logged into the account and ready to make your free calls around the world.

Does Vopuim work on all mobile phones? Vopium works on more than 500 brands of cell phone, including Java, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Virgin. This means you should have a mobile handset that will work with Vopium.

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