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Written by josh on February 18th, 2013

Vox Communications is a cloud-based voice and video communications solutions, apps and services provider. We talked about the company a little bit last October. Saturday they announced some improvements to their service, and you should know what’s going on.

Vox Communications has added free video calling to its Android Mobile VoIP calling application. The improved app is immediately available to all Amazon Kindle devices via the Amazon App Store. This new video calling feature puts Vox into a more elite category of VoIP providers.

Already, over a billion devices currently have access to the Vox VoIP app via the Google Play Store, the Samsung App Store and now the Amazon App Store. If you use Vox, you have access to their “Pay and Go” subscription-free calling plans. “Pay and Go” can be topped up with a little as one dollar and enables users to call anywhere in the world without paying a monthly subscription fee.




Vox’s Chief Information Officer, Mark Richards, said, “We continue to spend our time and energy working to make our app the leading app available on Android, and are pleased to finally release a video version, as promised to our shareholders some time ago.

We chose to load the video application into the Amazon store as our first step so that we can garner feedback from devices that support the required experience. All being well, we plan to release the app to the Google Play Store as soon as we predict an exceptional and sustainable user experience.”

So assuming all goes well, the app improvements will be available through the Google Play Store soon.

Vox users can subscribe entirely on their device and choose a U.S. phone number without leaving the app’s interface. This simple user experience feature makes the sign-up process more elegant than many other VoIP apps. New subscribers who download the app will get 60 minutes of free calling to anywhere in the world.

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